The Play Finder

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A facilitator will come to the playbook looking for content supporting what they are trying to accomplish. Potential outcomes will be how the plays   (exercises) will be organised. 


Long-term goals that the event is aiming to contribute to:

  • Policy Change
  • Regulation 
  • Social Structure
  • Decreased polarisation
  • Establish or Enforce Rights


The contexts that you are applying these plays/exercises to:

  • The type of event
    • Team meetings
    • Internal or external meetings
    • Workshops
    • Stakeholder events
    • Network event
  • The cadence / regularity of the event
    • Regular
    • One-off
    • A series e.g. 2-6 sessions
  • The time you have
    • Long (half day to full day)
    • Medium (2-3 hrs)
    • Short (less than 2 hrs)
  • Where it happens
    • In-person
    • Online
    • Hybrid (both in-person and online)


The outcome(s) you are trying to achieve

What follows is the list of outcomes generated by participants in contributors’ sessions. We have divided them into outcomes for the group, outcomes for the movement and outcomes for momentum. This needs further refinement.

Outcomes for the group

Build Trust, Solidarity and Strengthen Relationships

  • Prioritising together, improving collaboration
  • Building excitement about collaboration (within and across organisations) and skills/attitudes to make it work
  • Trying to build equitable and inclusive collaboration spaces across contexts, timezones, and cultures – struck by the hierarchy unwilling to shift the power and their practices to have meaningful engagement 
  • Co-creating spaces to build shared understanding and confidence for eventual ripple effects of positive impact
  • Create a good experience so participants will return for more
  • Creating partnerships
  • Collective therapy session to keep up the hope! 
  • Create a space where we can collectively talk about power
  • Make decisions together 
  • Build empathy
  • Address accessibility barriers
  • Build a sense of community 
  • Resolve Conflict

Strengthen Team Cohesion

  • People to take ownership of the process; 
  • Establish routines to embed collectively agreed thinking/values/ways of working; facilitate better collaboration; 
  • Make bottle-necks and capacity/burnout levels visible; 
  • Collective therapy session to keep up the hope! 
  • All the work that goes into achieving our mission is visible; 
  • Collective understanding of how we are organised; 
  • Streamline reporting and feedback mechanisms to avoid duplication of work

Outcomes for the project, topic or movement


  • Get input and drive involvement in a project or effort
  • Get feedback on content
  • Help shape an advocacy strategy
  • Knowledge exchange

Co-creation & Collaboration

  • Practices 
  • Recommendations
  • Advocacy Strategies
  • Create an artefact from the convening that people want to refer back to
  • Participants shaped outcomes
  • A sense of agency: that everyone involved has helped shape the outcomes
  • Ownership of whatever the convening was about. people walking away with stakes and freely given the commitment
  • The outcome that people in the room want to achieve, no matter (or even in the face of) what the original outcome was meant to be

Outcomes that create momentum

Make Lasting Connection(s) 

  • Identify specific projects or efforts we can collaborate on afterwards
  • Build movement around their area of interest 
  • Have concrete next steps for keeping up momentum
  • Made a helpful connection for their day-to-day

Drive (Social) Learning

  • Build confidence among participants – get them to see they have valuable expertise and experience
  • People in the convenings have been able to see something from a new perspective 
  • Change the way people think about things from the input of others. +1
  • People leave having learned something useful 
  • Share learnings (individual > collective growth);