Join the effort to build The Collective Power Playbook

Do you strive to build solidarity and break down knowledge hierarchies when you bring people together? We need you!

Come to our next Contributor’s Session to get up to date on development. June 27th, 2024 at 15:00 UTC. Please register.

Can’t make the 27th?

Are you: 

  • developing strategies with advocates and activists to attain a more just and equitable society?  
  • working within civil society organisations/non-profits/charities to cocreate transparent, accountable, and fair processes?
  • building a network of practice so practitioners might learn from each other and not reinvent the wheel?
  • facilitating a workshop, meeting, event or process, and you need the ability to empower a group to work together?

This playbook will help you build your facilitation skills by providing exercises you can do with groups and teams. It will also provide you with methodologies and processes for convening effectively. 

We call this a ‘playbook‘ as it supports teams and groups working and learning from each other. It will support social learning rather than individual learning. There will be guidance for individuals on how to facilitate, engage and serve the needs of the collective.

Why collective power?

When we say “collective power”, we refer to ways individuals attain goals or outcomes through combined efforts. There are several reasons why collective power is effective: strength in numbers, inclusion of diverse perspectives, providing mutual support and building community. Collective power is most effective for individuals to unite and impact societal structures. By working together, we can achieve more and benefit more than alone. Collective power means shared ownership of outcomes, lessening the likelihood of failure and benefit for many rather than the few. Most systems we currently work within prefer the individual over the collective.

We see facilitation as an essential skill for anyone who wants to harness collective power.